Noem's Wildlife Artistry Inc.
Dave Noem
Certified International Master Taxidermist


Booking agents Tim and Susan Fallon
of FTW Outfitters With Tim's nice bongo

Booking agent Tim Fallon of FTW Outfitters
With his skinners and trackers
With his forest sitatunga

Rodney Woods
Dall Sheep

Rodney Woods

Susan Fallon
Axis Deer

Mike Ditonna

Alexander Bisseling

Norm Alquist
Black Springbok

Alexander Bisseling

Dave Noem

Jim Yates
Saskatwean Canada 2001
Bentley Brown Guide

Dave Noem
Saskatewan Canada 2001
Bentley Brown Guide

Paul Gray
Saskatewan Canada 2001
Bentley Brown Guide

Jeff Curtis
Noem's Wildlife Artistry employee
With his Whitetail Deer

Chris Fannin
Gold Medal Spanish Goat


Chris Fannin
With Hybrid Ram

Crystal Noem
With her 22 1/2" Impala

Jimmy Butler
With his 36" Gemsbok


Shane Noem
With Vervet Monkey

Mike Gabbard
With 167/8 Ohio Whitetail Deer

Steve Goessling
With his 22 Point Whitetail Deer


Shane Noem, Dave Noem, Riaan Vosloo (Guide),
Crystal Noem, Derek Noem with 12' crocodile
South Africa 2003

Dave Noem 17 1/2" Brown Hyeana
South Africa 2003

Larry Butler and Mr. Ed

Dave Noem, Sabina Wirsky,
Jesus (guide) and Chris Fannin
27" Axis Deer

Dave Noem 29" Nyala
Zulu Natal Province South Africa

Jimmy Butler and his huge Black Wildebeest

Dave Noem 10" Warthog
Limpopo Province South Africa

Dave Noem
Black Wildebeest

Chris Fannin, Ricardo Ruiz and Eduardo Moyano
With Chris's Argentinian Mouflon Ram

Chris Fannin with 17 Point Red Stag

Dave Noem with Vizcacha
Spot Lighted at Night

Eduardo Moyano (Guide) and Dave Noem
With 25" Blackbuck

Eduardo Moyano (Guide) and Chris Fannin
With his SCI Top 10 Water Buffalo

Dave Noem's Caribou
Quebec Canada

Chris Fannin and his SCI Top 10
Four Horned Ram

Derek Noem with his 1st Impala

Larry Butler and his 25" Impala

Lucky Larry Butler and his 60" Kudu

Richard Eckler's Caribou
Quebec Canada

Dave Noem with 56" Kudu
Limpopo Province South Africa

Larry and Jimmy Butler
With 4 1/2" Steinbok

Dave Noem with 25" Impala
South Africa

Dave Noem with 12" Warthog, South Africa

Chris Fannin with his large Capybara

Riaan Vosloo (Guide) and Larry Butler
With 12" Warthog, South Africa

Crystal Noem with 16" Blesbok, South Africa

April (Tracker), Chris Butler
and Christopher Jones (Guide)

Sabina Wirsky and Dave Noem
With his SCI Top 20 Water Buffalo

Sabina Wirsky, Dave Noem,
Chris Fannin and Rauli (Skinner)
With Chris's SCI Top 10 Wild Boar

Shane Noem with his 21 1/2" Impala

Larry Butler and his African Porcupine

Larry Butler and his 16" Blesbok

Mickey Clore and 53" inside spread Caribou
Quebec Canada

Chris Fannin and his Blackbuck

Joe Beck, Northern Kentucky
Whitetail Deer

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